Vase, Van Gogh The Courtesan

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9-3/4x5x14-5/8 inch




The Courtesan

The piece is inspired by Van Gogh’s painting “The Courtesan, 1887”.  (Licensing from Van Gogh Museum of Amsterdam)

By imitating “The Courtesan” of the Ukiyo-e ( literally "pictures of the floating world”) expert Kesai Eisen, Van Gogh showed his passion for the exotic culture of Japan in his painting. The courtesan that looks back wears a colorful traditional outfit to announce the fashionable taste of Japan. The Franz designer uses the fan, a symbol of Japanese culture, as the theme and revives the glamorous outfit and beautiful gesture of the courtesan with detailed hand painting. Decorating the figure with flowers and birds, the designer interprets the flowing lines, decorative technique and rich colors with creativity. It is an extraordinary piece that integrates Western and Eastern aesthetics.

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