Vase, Van Gogh Iris (LE 988)

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12x8-3/8x15-3/8 inch




Iris - Van Gogh porcelain vase with wooden base

This piece draws on Van Gogh’s oil painting Irises, 1890, vividly showing the artist’s ardent passion for life.  (Licensing from Van Gogh Museum of Amsterdam)

In 1889 and 1890, Van Gogh stayed in a psychiatric hospital in the southern French village of Saint-Rémy, where he worked by seeking his subjects in nature. He created many flower still lifes, and one of them was Irises, 1890. The painting features an ingenious composition of bluish-purple (violet) and yellow colors, oozing a modern flavor through a stark contrast of hues.

The “Iris” porcelain vase features smooth, vivid purple iris petals swaying with elegance in a peculiar rhythm. As bright and charming as spring, the blossoms unfold to form a blaze of color that will deeply touch the viewer.

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