Vase, Rieger Begonias (LE 2000)

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7-1/2x9x13-3/8 inch




Generosity - Rieger Begonia vase, Dream of the Red Chamber collection

According to the 63rd chapter of Dream of the Red Chamber, in a drinking game, Shi Xiangyun draws a lot decorated with a rieger begonia, coupled with a four-character phrase “Xiang Meng Chen Han” (a sound sleep with good dreams).

Through a mix of the lot’s revelation and the rieger begonia symbolizing “sleeping beauty,” Franz presents this piece with a thinly-veiled reference to a memorable scene that has “Shi Xiangyun going tipsy and falling asleep amongst the flowers,” with the lantern-shaped vase body representing her “big-hearted generosity.”

This lovely item is truly a memento dedicated to the classical novel with a timeless, universal appeal.

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