Vase, Angel's Trumpet (LE 2000)

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7-7/8x8-1/4x14-1/2 inch




Peace –Angel’s Trumpet Flower vase, Dream of the Red Chamber collection

Jia Xichun has a maid named “Picture” by Cao Xueqin, the author of Dream of the Red Chamber, as a metaphor showing the young lady’s gift for painting. She is also a good chess player, who enjoys the game with Miaoyu in the 87th chapter of the novel.

Moreover, in the 5th chapter, Cao Xueqin writes a poem “Witnessing the vicissitude of the families; What availed their high official rank and wealth?,” to describe Jia Xichun′s attitude towards secular life. Drawing on The Lotus Sutra, one of the most influential sacred scriptures of Buddhism, the novel′s Poem Praising Pretty Ladies writes, “When the Buddha preached, the devas cast angelic flowers in the sky." Inspired by the angel′s trumpet flower, Franz creates this piece symbolizing Jia Xichun’s pursuit of peace as a devout Buddhist nun.

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