【New】Vase, Magpie & Longan

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12-1/2x5-1/8x11-3/4 inch




Continuous Happiness
Magpie and Longan Porcelain Vase

“The Three Yuan” in Chinese culture indicates the three traditional festivals, i.e., Lantern Festival (Shangyuan), Ghost Festival (Zhongyuan), and Xiayuan Festival. “The Three Yuan” can also refer to the top-ranking participants in the imperial examinations (Jieyuan, Huiyuan, and Zhuagyuan). Thus, “Continuous Happiness” means continuous happy occasions or congratulations on obtaining good exam results. This work uses both the magpie bird and the longan fruit as metaphors, serving as a wish for continuous happiness and success for the collector. In Chinese, both the word for “Yuan” and the last character in the word for “longan fruit” sound like the word for “round”.

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