Frequently Asked Questions



Q. Who founded the Franz Collection?

A. Franz Chen, founder and president of Franz Collection Inc., is recognized worldwide as a successful artist and entrepreneur. Following his vision to revive the Chinese porcelain art, Chen – who majored in German Literature while attending university and was given the German name “Franz" by his professor – adopted his college nickname and created his own brand of fine porcelain tabletop and home décor porcelain art in 2001. FRANZ products can now be found in a variety of locations across the United States, Canada, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Russia, the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand.

Q: What is the meaning of the Franz logo?

A: The FRANZ logo incorporates three main elements: an abstract blue seagull, the name “Franz”, and the calligraphic writing of the Chinese character “Chen”. “Franz” was the first foreign name given to the company’s founder, and “Chen” is his family name. All three exist together in harmony, demonstrating visually the core values of the company. The seagull represents the global mission of FRANZ to deliver eternal values and the fusion of Eastern and Western aesthetics and culture, classic and modern inspiration, tradition and innovation in artistic and technological standards.

Q. How can I contact the Franz Collection?

A. Should you require assistance or additional information, please contact our Customer Services at (415) 296-8183 and we will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, you may contact us at any time by email at

For more information, please refer to About Us .



Q. What is special about Franz Collection porcelain?

A. Leveraged with the depth of porcelain handicraft art accumulated from hundreds of years in Jingdezhen, Franz Porcelain has evolved to this very original and creative style by blending the dynamic style of European Art Nouveau with traditional Chinese hand-painted color techniques. Thanks to our patented technology, “undercut molding”, Franz Porcelain distinguishes itself from other eminent brands by its intricate details and relief.

Q. Where is the FRANZ Headquarters located?

A. FRANZ International headquarters is located in Taipei, Taiwan, where a team of skilled designers, artists, and researchers works together collaboratively. FRANZ also has regional offices in the United States and Europe.

Q. Where is Franz porcelain manufactured?

A. Franz Porcelain pieces come from one of oldest porcelain-producing place in the world: Jingdezhen, China. Skilled artisans craft and hand-paint each FRANZ piece, informed by a legacy of hundreds of years of porcelain making expertise and accumulated wisdom.

Q: How many steps are required to produce one piece of Franz porcelain?

A: The entire production process requires more than 100 steps. Each piece of Franz porcelain is handcrafted and handpainted.

Q: What is the significance of the stamps (signatures) on the bases of Franz products?

A: Basically there are 3 stamps (signatures) on the base. One is the Franz Collection logo. The other two are the signatures of the sculptor and the designer for that particular piece of Franz porcelain. If there is only one signature, this signals that the designer was also the sculptor.

Q: Is Franz merchandise food safe?

A: Yes. Franz porcelain is carefully inspected to ensure it meets the rigorous standards. These standards comply with the FDA and other similar international standards. Franz porcelain pieces are fully functional items.

Q: How many cups of tea does a teapot hold?

A: Depending on the style of the teapot they can range between 7-12 of the corresponding cups.

Q: My friend and I purchased the same product but the colors are slightly different.

A. Franz Collection merchandise is handcrafted and hand-painted by artisans. Small irregularities in shape, surfaces, colors, and finishes are hallmarks of such craftsmanship and are not defects.



Q: Where can I find Franz products in my area?

A: You can find the store that carries FRANZ in your area under the Store Locator tab of Or you can send an email including your name and address to requesting any information.

Q: Can you send me a Franz Collection catalog? Do you have a master catalog of every item ever created?

A: Franz Collection catalogs are only available to retail stores that carry FRANZ porcelain products. If you are a retailer and are interested in carrying FRANZ products, please feel free to email us your store name and address at Your request will be forwarded to the appropriate Sales Organization. The Franz Collection does not have a master catalog of every item ever produced. However, you can see a significant portion of our available products on our E-Commerce site.

Q: Does the Franz Collection ever take special orders, make items on-demand, or produce custom pieces made to certain specifications? If so, how much would it cost?

A. The Franz Collection welcomes inquiries for special orders, specially commissioned pieces, and co-branding opportunities. However, due to the many factors that go into creating any FRANZ piece, from the first design to the final firing, it is impossible to give an estimate of cost. Each project would need to be addressed on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in working with FRANZ to create a customized piece, please contact us at

Q: How do I obtain the latest information about what is happening with the Franz Collection? How can I ensure that I am up-to-date on new releases?

A. There are several ways you can keep in touch with the Franz Collection. The best way is to sign up for our monthly newsletter at and also follows us on Facebook at , Instagram at and Pinterest at joining our email list and following us, you will have the opportunity to read exclusive interviews with designers, learn more about products and events, see photos of new releases before they go on sale, hear about upcoming FRANZ-related events, and possibly even participate in contests and giveaways.

Q. What is your return/exchange policy?

A. Please see our Return & Exchange Policy here.

Q. Can I return an item I purchased directly from the Franz Collection to a local retailer or vice versa?

A. No. Items need to be returned to the merchant with whom the purchase originated. You can view our Return & Exchange Policy here. If you did not purchase your Franz Collection piece directly from us, your purchase is subject to the return policies of the store where you made your purchase. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Q. I have heard the Franz Collection has a design contest. How can I find out more about that?

A. Please go to our website devoted to the Franz Award Design Contest:

Q. I would like to feature Franz products in my blog/magazine/website? Can I get photos?

A. Please contact us at Photos and any FRANZ features to be used in blogs, magazines, or websites will be determined on a case by case basis.

Q. A piece from my Franz Collection item broke off. Can you fix it?

A. Franz Collection cannot repair the piece for you. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Q. I am overwhelmed by the wide array of products and do not know what item to choose. Can you help me decide?

A. We have some recommendations here. Also, you will notice we have organized our products by theme, to help assist you in your search. If you still have questions, we would be happy to assist you. Please contact us at

Q. My item arrived broken. What do I do?

A. Please refer to the Return and Exchange Policy page for instructions.

Q. I ordered a back-ordered item and no longer want it. Can I cancel my order?

A. If the back-ordered item has not been processed (i.e. packed and shipped) you can cancel the order. Please contact us at for your inquiry.

Q. How can I cancel an order?

A. If for any reason you need to cancel an order after submitting it, please email or call our Customer Service Department. Keep in mind, if your order has already been processed (i.e. packed and shipped), it may be too late to cancel or change the shipment. However, you can return the order once it is received. In the event you refuse an order after it has been shipped, you will be responsible for any shipping charges and restocking fees related to that order.

Q. I received a Franz Collection item as a gift, can I return it to you?

A. Since we also sell through distributors in the U.S., we cannot accept returns unless the item is purchased from the Franz Collection Online Shop. Please see Returning a Product You Received as a Gift in Return & Exchange Policy page.



Q: Can these products be exposed to direct sunlight?

A: Yes. As each item is fired at over 1000 Celsius degrees (1832 degrees Fahrenheit) and FRANZ employs a method of underglaze, the brilliant colors will not fade.

Q: Is FRANZ merchandise microwavable safe?

A: Theoretically, Franz porcelain, especially because it is made with underglaze coloring, is microwave-safe. However, a distinguishing feature of Franz porcelain is its three-dimensional shape and unique artistic styles. Considering the size and the complicated 3D sculpture of our products, we sincerely recommend that our customers NOT place Franz porcelain in a microwave.

Q: Is Franz merchandise dishwasher safe?

A: No. Due to the delicate three-dimensional designs of Franz porcelain, we do not recommend cleaning Franz products in a dishwasher.

Q. How can I care for my Franz Collection pieces?

A. The Franz Collection uses an under-glazing technique, which guarantees that the colors on our products can be preserved almost forever if no external force or influence takes place. We recommend that our customers clean their Franz pieces to maintain their overall appearance every few weeks.


  • Use warm water with mild soap, at constant temperature and a soft sponge.
  • Do not use metallic pads or abrasives.
  • Let your freshly washed items drain and then dry them gently with a soft, non-fluffy towel.

Q. How should I care for my Franz Collection Fashion Accessories?

A. Our fashion accessories are plated with Rhodium, which protects items from rust and anti-oxidation. We recommend that customers clean their FRANZ accessories after wearing them to maintain their beauty. Wash metal with a soft cloth and clean water and keep the accessories in a dry space after cleaning with a soft and dry cloth. Please avoid direct contact with perfume, cosmetics, hair gel, cleaning products, and nail polish or other volatile chemicals. Do not wear FRANZ accessories while exercising or participating in sports. Do not allow FRANZ accessories to come in contact with water, such as when bathing or swimming.