Vase, Pilgrimage Porcelain

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13-1/8x7x13-5/8 inch




The design concept is derived from artist Shee’s painting Passage & Passion. In response to the terrorist attack of 9/11, he created this painting with the hope of reversing the senseless violence. The ladder, a symbol from the Bible, represents the connection between Heaven and Earth and delivers the blessings and grace of God. It brings everlasting love, peace and hope to the world. Artist Shee is a world-renowned artist; his paintings integrate the cultural essences of East and West. The vibrant colors of the painting bring life to people and convey the confidence of humanity while the moon and stars depict the ongoing Spirit that speaks to the road of future. The porcelain vase, which integrates Shee’s painting, celebrates life. Both Shee and Franz Collection hope art will inspire all people to develop their inner spirituality, embrace the beauty of the world, and practice mercy and kindness.
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